Business owner uses city’s restaurant week to focus on helping homeless


BALTIMORE — Cities across the county hold restaurant week to get people out of the house and into the community to spend money.

It all started in 1992 in New York City to help increase business. Now it has expanded across the country in cities like Washington, DC, Las Vegas and Baltimore.

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But one restaurant in Baltimore is going against the norm of getting people with disposable incomes into the business. Instead it is opening its doors to those with little or no income, the city’s homeless.

A kind gesture from a small business owner

Tabrizi’s owner and chef Michael Tabrizi came up with the idea to feed those who are down on their luck over the week, WJZ reported. 

Tabrizi is having three seatings a day and hope to feed about one thousand homeless for free.

Workers are refusing pay for the week and are getting the help of volunteers to serve the patrons.

The week will also help fill more than just the stomachs who are without a place to live.

Tabrizi told WJZ that, ‘I don’t think they are hungry in the sense to fill the stomach. I think they are hungry for friendship and human contact. I hope this inspires people.”

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