Dramatic rescue shows America’s self-reliant spirit


A dramatic bystander rescue of a motorcyclist from beneath a burning car speaks so much to what we need to be about as modern Americans.

Brandon Wright, 21, was traveling on a road near Utah State University in Murray, Utah, on Sept. 12 when a car unexpectedly pulled out in front of him. To avoid a head-on collision with the vehicle, the young man did an advanced maneuver where he put the bike down into a skid rather than face a direct impact.

Wright went under the car and became trapped there as both the car and the bike caught on fire. As the wreckage was burning, several construction workers, students and bystanders came running over. Without any regard for their own safety, 12 people got together and lifted the car off the ground to pull this man to safety.

I want to salute these brave Americans who, in the heat of the moment, did what was necessary to save a fellow American. If they had waited for highly trained rescue workers to get there, there’s no way Wright would have survived. His family would then have been at his funeral, not at his hospital bedside where he’s expected to make a full recovery.

We as Americans have reached a point where we always expect somebody else to take care of us. Some of my fellow talk show hosts call us “an entitlement nation.”  You hear me say from time to time that one of the frustrations I’ve had is that so often, Americans today act as if we’re spectators in our lives. We’re not spectators.

Things happen in our lives that are beyond our control. It’s how we respond in those times, and how we take charge again and take control, that makes the ultimate difference.


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