Clark talks new book, cash giveaway contest


The release of my new book, Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times, is just days away. To celebrate, we have a contest going on where you can register to win money from me!

This really is my money, you’re registering to win $500 from my wallet. Think about that. If you win it, do I want you to go blow it on a weekend in Vegas? No! I want you to use it for a fantastic purpose in your life. You don’t have to, but I’d love it if you did.

Take that money and invest it in your future. Open up a Roth IRA account at one of my favorite low-cost providers. Start a 529 account for a child or grandchild. Or just pay down your debt. No purchase necessary. See how you can enter the contest.

In early August, during the last week of the contest, the money is doubled to $1,000! This is all tied up in the initial launch phase for my book.

My co-authors and I worked hard to come up with a book that deals with the reality that many of us face as we have to get by with smaller amounts of resources. We’ve also posted several links for pre-order so you can shop around for the best deals.

Meanwhile, I want to mention again a report I recently told you about from the Natural Resource Defense Council. The NRDC found that DVRs and cable/satellite set-top boxes use massive energy day in and day out. They use just as much power when they’re off as when you’re watching TV, something to the tune of $100 a year in electricity.

If you’re going on vacation, consider unplugging your DVR or set-top box. Yes, it will take time to boot back up. And yes, you’ll miss some shows you may have wanted to record if you’re talking about a DVR. But I want that $100 back in your pocket, not in the pocket of the power company!

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