Clark readies for Habitat builds in Tulsa, Joplin


I have been honored since 1996 to sponsor Habitat for Humanity homes with my listeners and viewers in the Atlanta metro area. Now I am about to embark on ‘Project Home,’ my effort to build a home with listeners in Tulsa, OK., plus another one in Joplin, MO.

News-Talk KRMG has taken up a challenge from me where I put up half the money ($35,000) to sponsor a home and their listeners have put up the other half. The $70,000 sponsor fee goes to buy materials, purchase the land and pay for an on-site construction manager, among other things. Our Tulsa build begins Saturday, May 19.

Then on the 22nd, I get to fulfill a promise I made last year when I was in Joplin in the tornado’s aftermath covering the damage for HLN TV. In a moment of angst, I said I wanted to come back next year and sponsor a Habitat home in Joplin. And so now it’s becoming a reality.

I am honored and privileged that so many volunteers in the Tulsa metro area, and so many volunteers  from all over the country for the Joplin build, will be working with me side by side.

We’re building for two wonderful families. The family in Joplin was displaced by the tornado and will move from living in shelter-type housing back to a real home.

Throughout it all, I will be broadcasting from both sites. In Tulsa, I’ll be doing a local-only broadcast for KMRG listeners. In Joplin, you will hear us on our radio network broadcasting across the country. HLN will also video the builds and you’ll see continuing coverage on TV.

If you have ever been involved in Habitat, or want to be again, I’d love to have you at one of my builds, or any Habitat build going on across this great country of ours.

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