Clark joined by family at book launch


I was joined by my family on Monday (Aug. 1) at Ray’s Killer Creek in Alpharetta, Ga., to celebrate the release of my newest and ninth book, Living Large in Lean Times.

My 5 year old son, Grant, was being atypically shy in front of the audience. But just the other day, he was playing with his cars on his racetrack and he came to me after a giant crash of the cars. You know what he said? “Daddy, I need to get some car insurance for my toys!”

My middle daughter Stephi was the birthday girl who turned 12 on Aug. 1. Meanwhile, my eldest daughter, Becca, is 22. It’s interesting how every child can be so different despite coming from the same father. Stephi is the ace at saving money, while Becca is the spender of my kids. “Stephi is just a better listener,” as Becca says!

Then you have Lane, my wife.  According to Lane, she and I have an average family fleet mileage of 51 miles per gallon. She has a gas hog (two actually, both of them Mercedes!) and I have the fuel sipper (my 2009 Toyota Prius that’s been converted to run on battery power).

So she takes the 88 miles per gallon that I’m getting, the 13 mpgs that she’s getting…and then she averages them together. Voila, we have 50 miles per gallon as a family average! But thankfully Lane won some points that night with my audience when she told them she just bought all of Stephi’s school textbooks used, except for one!

Before Lane and my kids left for the night, she put me on the spot in front of the audience and asked, “How much did your outfit cost tonight?” Because I had to play dress up (Editor’s note: Wait, wearing shorts is dress up?!), my shoes were $19 Filas, the shorts were $9.99 from Wal-Mart, the golf shirt was $12 and my socks were $1.50.

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