Clark Howard Working From Home Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Money expert Clark Howard is joining the millions of Americans working from home and practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Clark’s radio show and podcast is normally recorded at WSB’s facilities in Atlanta, Georgia. He is now doing the broadcast, along with TV appearances, from his home.

His message during these uncertain times has been to prepare for economic fallout — but do not panic.

“We will come out of this, and we ultimately are going to be okay physically and financially. My pledge to you over these weeks ahead is — as concerns mount for you as an individual or for your family — I’m going to be here to answer your questions to the best of my ability.”

Meanwhile, Team Clark’s digital team is also working remotely and responding to this crisis. Our editorial team is working to provide answers to your financial questions.

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For the latest information on the health crisis, Clark suggests that you visit and trusted news sources.

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