Clark Howard Prime Time: Bouncing Back from Recession


Clark Howard Primetime:  Bouncing Back From Recession

Clark Howard knows the recession has been tough for Georgians. On Wednesday, March 30th, Clark returned to primetime on Atlanta’s WSB-TV Channel 2 to show viewers how to turn things around and take control of their lives.

Clark kicked off the show with the housing market situation. He showed viewers the best way to get a deal if you are buying a house or selling one. Clark introduced a family who faced foreclosure. He revealded how they were able to turn the situation around to their advantage.

Then, Clark found Georgians who were laid off and successfully jump started their careers. Viewers met a woman who after three layoffs finally opened her own business. Her story is inspiring and shows people how they can bounce back from unemployment.

Finally, Clark talked with recent college graduates who received job offers. One student got three offers and explained how she didn’t let the recession stop her from starting her career.