From A to Z: The Clark Howard alphabet!


In honor of Clark Howard’s 63rd birthday on June 20, 2018, the staff here at has come up with this “Clark Howard Alphabet.”

We hope you’ll enjoy this dive into all things Clark as you brush up on your ABCs with Cheap Guy.

Happy birthday, Clark!

The Clark Howard alphabet

A is for Annuities — they stink so bad, they’re a four-letter word on The Clark Howard Show!

B is for Black Friday, every cheapo’s favorite day of the year

C is for Costco — what else? It’s Clark’s favorite warehouse club store

D is for Deals — and you’ll get an abundance of them every day at!

E is for Eyeglasses, the cheaper, the better when you order them online like Clark does

F is for Facebook, where the consumer champ takes your questions during Facebook Live sessions

G is for Gift cards, Gym memberships and Gold — all areas where you need to tread carefully with your wallet


H is for Habitat for Humanity, a charity near and dear to Clark’s heart

I is for In-N-Out Burger, the regional burger chain that makes Clark’s favorite griller in America — the 4 x 4!

J is for producer Joel, who you hear during Ask Clark segments on The Clark Howard Show

K is for executive producer Kim, whose voice you surely recognize

L is for Life insurance — do you have a level-term policy in place yet?

M is for More, as in more money in your pocket when you follow Clark’s advice!

N is for Clark’s “No endorsements” policy — he’s unbought and unbossed

O is for Our guy, Clark Howard

P is for our Podcasts, your key to never missing a money-saving moment from Clark

Q is for Quirky, and all the crazy things Clark does to save money!


R is for the Roth IRA, a favorite investment vehicle that gives you tax-free earnings and withdrawals in retirement

S is for Sale, Clark’s favorite word!

T is for Team Clark, and every volunteer who has answered your consumer questions off the air for 25 years

U is for Unclaimed money — do a free search to see if you have any out there in your name

V is for Vanguard — keep costs low and invest on!

W is for Warehouse clubs — Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale…Clark loves them all!

X is for Christmas Kids, the annual toy drive that Clark has led for 27 years so every foster kid in Georgia can have a present

Y is for You — because Team Clark wouldn’t be the same without you!

Z is for Zero, the amount of debt we’re all working toward!!!

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