Clark celebrates new book release at launch party


Welcome to a special edition of The Clark Howard Show where I’m celebrating the launch of Living Large in Lean Times.  I’m live today (Aug. 1) from Ray’s Killer Creek in Alpharetta, Georgia.

This is my newest and ninth book. My first book came out in 1993. A few years prior to that, Mark Meltzer (my longtime co-author) came to me and said, “I think you should write a book and I want to write it with you.” That was in 1991.

Mark and I have been together as co-authors ever since. We’ve seen many changes in both our personal lives and the life of our country over that time.  So for Living Large in Lean Times, we took a completely different approach.

It used to be that people saw my whole deal as kooky but cute. But now people don’t think that what I talk about is so goofy; it’s suddenly chic to be cheap. So instead of having to explain “why” you need to save money in my book, now I can just focus on the “how.”

Living Large in Lean Times is divided into three major components. Our first chapter is called “Help Me Now, Clark” and it focuses on things you can do to improve your personal finances in one week. It’s kind of our tour de force opener that’s intended to really grab your attention.

Then throughout the remainder of the book, we have tips that address two kinds of things: monthly bills, so you can take back control of money in your daily life; and what you can do to build long-term security.

By the way, could I have been luckier to have as a backdrop for the release of my book the furor over the Congress and the president trying to figure out how to handle our country’s budget? Well, my book is all about how you’re gonna balance your own budget!

We can’t wait for the country to get healthy. It has to start with you.

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