Businesses still growing during a down economy


As I travel my way across America in conjunction with the release of Living Large in Lean Times, it seems remarkable how the title of the book fits where we are as a country.

Yet while we feel tentative as individuals, companies are not feeling that way. As evidence, just look to Google buying Motorola Mobility in a deal worth $12 billion.

Think about that combo: Google, which started 13 years ago and is now among the most feared and respected companies in the world, and Motorola, which is considered long past its prime but has some of the most magnificent research ever done in technology.

Capitalism is ever changing and self-renewing. Look at what kind of moves are being made around us at a time of hesitancy among most people. I want to tell you innovation never stops. That’s what I love about America.

I appreciate so much the fact that we as a country, whenever we hit a rough patch, we always have individuals who in spite of that are still creating, still imagining new ways to do things and making new things happen.

I am innately an optimist. It doesn’t mean that I’m always right with my optimism. But I will tell you optimism beats pessimism any day of the week!

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired August 25, 2011 for network affiliates and was rebroadcast Sept. 5.  

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