Why I wrote Living Large for the Long Haul


This book is an opportunity for me to do a reset and show you how to do one in your life. Over the last 6 years, I’ve heard a lot of pessimism from people about the country’s future, about the futures of their kids, and more.

I recall being at an event in Dayton that was in a theater. I asked the crowd, “How many people believe your kids will have a better future than you?” No hands went up. Then I said, “How many of you believe your kids will have a worse future than you had?” That got a roar of applause.

And that’s why I wrote this book.

Living Large for the Long Haul tells the story of people who got blindsided by the Great Recession and had to come up with new ways to make it through. Whether that was starting their own business, finding unique ways to pay off debt, or reducing their monthly bills, their stories are there in the book for you to read.

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