Clark Howard: 03.24.17 Podcasts March 25, 2017
Topics: Wellness buildings; Labor surcharge at restaurants; Rental car rip-offs; Clark Stinks; Having a plan when your kids are in…
Clark Howard: 03.23.17 Podcasts March 24, 2017
Topics: Student loan defaults; 24 hour days for new doctors; AirBnb warning; Answering job interview questions; Pandora and other music…
Clark Howard: 03.22.17 Podcasts March 23, 2017
Topics: Cable channels dying off; FDA goes after dietary supplement company; 2017 data breaches; duct cleaning; Wells Fargo cell phone…
Clark Howard: 03.21.17 Podcasts March 22, 2017
Topics: Electronics ban; email tax scam; Bitcoin troubles; Subscription car plans; Google family link
Clark Howard: 03.20.17 Podcasts March 21, 2017
Topics: Fast food apps; Rx pharmacy kickbacks; Streamloan mortgage lender; Knowing what is in a contract; Oil prices
Clark Howard: 03.17.17 Podcasts March 18, 2017
Topics: AT&T flying COW; imposter fraud; Most reliable used cars; Clark Stinks; Suburban home values
Clark Howard: 03.16.17 Podcasts March 17, 2017
Topics: Clark smart burials; Watch our for skimmers; Antibiotics and kids; Insurance companies not paying out; Survey says!; Lenders spying…
Clark Howard: 03.15.17 Podcasts March 16, 2017
Topics: Artificial chicken + 3D printing medical; Clark deals; Malls tracking customers; Vehicle warranty scam; Federal reserve raises interest rates
Clark Howard: 03.14.17 Podcasts March 15, 2017
Topics: Online shopping decreasing?; Getting groceries at drugstores; Smartphone addiction; IPO warnings; New healthcare proposal
Clark Howard: 03.13.17 Podcasts March 14, 2017
Topics: IRS reducing ID theft; Taking vacations on borrowed money; New FICO score rules; The Waze effect on neighborhoods; Bank…
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Topics: Rich people cars; negative option billing; What TV brands to consider; Clark Stinks; Real estate prices further out from…
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Topics: asking for a discount; publisher's clearing house scam; using hotspot for home internet; finding money on the ground; home…
Clark Howard: 03.08.17 Podcasts March 9, 2017
Topics: Company helps businesses connect; sugary drinks for kids; elderly student loans; grocery store choice; small biz cash on hand
Clark Howard: 03.07.17 Podcasts March 8, 2017
Topics: REPLAY SHOW Ice cream thieves; dating website scams; Job information; TX energy innovations; Larger houses not selling
Clark Howard: 03.06.17 Podcasts March 7, 2017
Topics: tightening loan standards; retirement savings; skin cancer apps; bidding for good; credit card trends
Clark Howard: 03.03.17 Podcasts March 4, 2017
Topics: Non-dentist performing dental procedures; Not saving for retirement; Google Fiber; Clark Stinks; Rocket mortgage and Redfin
Clark Howard: 03.02.17 Podcasts March 3, 2017
Topics: Gen X life spans; No fault accidents see rate increases; Self-repair screen kits; AI home phone; The future of…
Clark Howard: 03.01.17 Podcasts March 2, 2017
Topics: Amazon breaks the internet; Samsung washer debacle; YouTube TV announced; Uber CEO issues; Investment commission cuts
Clark Howard: 02.28.17 Podcasts March 1, 2017
Topics: Coding boot camps; GM legislation un-American; the future of Space tourism; Customer satisfaction index; YouTube and Netflix viewership
Clark Howard: 02.27.17 Podcasts February 28, 2017
Topics: Warren Buffet's big bet; Don't worry about audits; Clark's $65 international plane ticket; Retailer bankruptcy concerns; International voice calling…
Clark Howard: 02.24.17 Podcasts February 25, 2017
Topics: Civic now charges for credit score; Check cashing bad, bank customer service worse; Workforce changes; Clark Stinks; Interns at…
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Topics: Facebook PTO policy; Getting into an accidental Uber; Mugshot websites; Investing in artificial intelligence; Indoor farming could mean cheaper…
Clark Howard: 02.22.17 Podcasts February 23, 2017
Topics: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under attack; LA flood insurance not being paid out; Car reliability; New food labels;…
Clark Howard: 02.21.17 Podcasts February 22, 2017
Topics: Amazon lowers free shipping amount; Major TSA fail; Hackable childrens toys; Traffic and working from home; Kids savings challenge
10 things you should always buy used
10 things you should always buy used Appliances February 21, 2017
Buying second hand has become a first choice for saving money, either out of necessity for people or because they're…
10 things you should always buy used
Clark Howard: 02.20.17 Podcasts February 21, 2017
Topics: REPLAY HOURS Cheapest awesome smartphones; Western Union fined; Amazon selling car parts; Getting a passport; Tax refund loans
10 things you should always buy used
Clark Howard: 02.17.17 Podcasts February 18, 2017
Topics: Mortgage and credit scores; Electronic baby monitors; Can you trust BBB ratings?; Clark Stinks; Interview with financial rapper Dee-1
10 things you should always buy used
Clark Howard: 02.16.17 Podcasts February 17, 2017
Topics: How to rent a car; 26F retirement scams; Direct primary care; Make your own cleaning products; New bifocals changing…
10 things you should always buy used
Clark Howard: 02.15.17 Podcasts February 16, 2017
Topics: Inflation; Rx drug price increases; Drone taxis; Student loan rates go down; Millennials most dangerous drivers
10 things you should always buy used
Clark Howard: 02.14.17 Podcasts February 15, 2017
Topics: Cardless ATM's having troubles; T Mobile deal!; Know your airport security rights; Disney costs rise; Aldi making big changes