Use this simple trick to conquer your fear of flying

Use this simple trick to conquer your fear of flying
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If you’ll be flying to your summer vacation destination, you might be a little bit nervous about possible turbulence.

Pilots do whatever they can to avoid turbulence — including changing the route to stay away from thunderstorms — but you should be prepared for at least a few bumps along the way.

Fear of flying is quite common, but don’t let your anxiety get the best of you! Follow these tips…

How to fight your fear of flying

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For many, the nervousness kicks in before takeoff. Veteran pilot Capt. Ron Nielsen told NBC News that tightening your muscles for 30 seconds and then releasing them will help calm you down.

When that turbulence hits, Nielsen suggests that you put a pen in the hand you don’t normally use and write your name. It will disrupt your thinking because using your opposite hand requires extra attention.

Finally, if you still can’t calm down, Nielsen says you can breathe through a drinking straw to prevent hyperventilating.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), exposure to triggers is key to overcoming phobias. Avoiding them just keeps your phobia alive.

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