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How to get a $5 car rental

Rental car businesses located at airport terminal area
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Clark recently rented a one-way rental car for dirt cheap. Here’s how he scored the deal…

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This is the rental car industry secret you’ll want to know

Ever heard of a repositioning cruise in the cruise ship industry? That’s where you get a super-cheap price on a cruise simply because the cruise line has to move the ship back from where it already is to a hot vacation market.

Not a lot of people know this, but it’s possible to get the equivalent in the car rental industry.

Car rental companies have to move cars around to meet demand and they will give you a great deal on a one-way rental if you can help them!

In April, there’s often a mad rush to get cars from across the nation to hot vacation destinations like Florida.

But now that we’re past the peak spring break season, you can find companies offering rentals for as little as $5 or $10 per day if you can move their vehicles from Florida to anywhere up north where they’d be more productive.

Think about it: It’s certainly to the benefit of the rental companies to offer these deals. Otherwise they’d have to fly paid employees out to do the same work or load cars on trucks to move them around.

The real key to getting these kinds of deals is to be ahead of the curve. So call around to a few agencies that are located at airports several weeks before a peak travel time and ask if they’re participating in these kinds of deals and where they need their cars moved.

Because of the cheap price, there will be a lot of restrictions on these deals — plus additional taxes and fees. But if you can make it work, this is a real steal.

Clark recently availed himself of one of these deals and would up paying $26.01 for a two-day rental of a Toyota RAV 4 with unlimited mileage.

He was originally quoted $7.99 a day for the vehicle. But then when you add in the junk fees, it soon becomes $26.01.

And get this, he could have had that rate for two weeks if he needed it!

Most of the deals like this are good through May 31. Check to see if this could work for you.

Clark Howard pays $7.14 a day for a rental car

Here’s how to really “Clark” this deal!

Want to really “Clark” this deal the way the consumer champ himself would? Then be sure to preface it by grabbing a cheap one-way ticket into Florida. You can check for the latest airline deals.

You get to use the car as your transportation while you’re in Florida and then you use it to drive home instead of flying.

So let’s see…a cheap flight in, a cheap rental car and cheap transportation back home. Ever heard of a twofer? Well, this deal is a threefer!

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