Your calculator app has a secret feature that will change your life

Your calculator app has a secret feature that will change your life
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Part of the reason you have a smartphone is to make life easier, right? From keeping up with your daily schedule to giving you turn-by-turn directions, the device can do a lot of things that we either can’t, or don’t want to, do ourselves.

In fact, smartphones are so ingrained in our everyday lives that it’s difficult to imagine what it would be like without them.

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Why do math in your head when your calculator app will do it for you?

Maybe you’re great at math, but why do it in your head or on a piece of paper when your calculator app will do it for you?

It’s pretty safe to assume that we all agree it comes in handy — but there’s also one very frustrating thing about that calculator that every iPhone user has experienced — when you make a typo, you have to start all over! And if you’re working on a long calculation, it’s one of those moments that can make you just want to scream.

The secret calculator feature you never knew about

If you’ve ever experienced one of those moments, we’re about to change your life.

Turns out, there’s a way to backspace and delete what you just typed on the calculator app. All you have to do is swipe left or right to correct a number, instead of starting over each time!

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