This simple trick will clear your stuffy nose without medicine

This simple trick will clear your stuffy nose without medicine
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It seems like everyone is coming down with a summer cold lately, which inevitably means a stuffy nose.

Even if you’re taking medicine to manage your symptoms, it can be really hard to go about your daily activities when you’re not feeling 100%.

Luckily, Prevention Magazine has two clever tricks to instantly clear your sinuses without meds.

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How to relieve your stuffy nose

Tongue Tap Method: Press the tip of your tongue against the top of your mouth, release your tongue and press between your eyebrows repeatedly for 20 seconds.

Hold Your Breath Method: Tip your head back, pinch your nose and hold your breath.

In this YouTube video from Prevention, you can see a demonstration of exactly how these methods work, plus an explanation about why they can provide temporary relief.

Not having any luck with those methods? Try doing 10 to 20 push-ups while breathing only through your nose. It really helps. 

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