How to get a free haircut from a professional stylist

How to get a free haircut from a professional stylist
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Everyone loves free. But free gets even better when the quality is just as good as something you would normally pay for. And that’s the case with this free haircut offering.

Supercuts is a national chain that has over 2,000 locations…they even stretch to Canada and Puerto Rico. The clip joint offers advanced education to their stylists, and it’s that advanced education that makes your free haircut possible.

So what’s the scoop?

  • All stylists are licensed
  • Everyone is welcome: Men, women and children
  • You receive a consultation and every haircut is checked by the artistic director

How do you sign up for your free haircut?

You need to get on the mailing list of the Supercuts Education Studio in your area. We’ve included a chart to help you find the location closest to you and the e-mail address associated with it. Send an e-mail to your nearest location. They will periodically (an average of twice a month) e-mail you with a list of dates and times that they have stylists available to give free haircuts. E-mail back promptly with your preferred day and time. They will send an e-mail to confirm or to see if you are available at another time.

I had my first free haircut at my local Supercuts Education Studio last week. It was a great experience. The stylist was incredibly friendly as was the artistic director. My haircut was 100% free and it was one of the better haircuts I’ve ever gotten. Remember, you must schedule an appointment to get the free haircut.

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Gmail Address   Supporting Artistic Director  City State
Supercutsstudiocalgary   Wendy Lanctot Calgary AB
[email protected]   Wendy Lanctot Edmonton AB
[email protected]   LaTeesch Corner Rodgers  AR
[email protected]   Priscilla Villegas Scottsdale  AR
[email protected]   Randall Priester San Rafael CA
[email protected]   Robin Sauers Goleta CA
[email protected]   Joann Schikora San Jose  CA
[email protected]   Belgian Guzman Montclair  CA
Supercutsstudionorthhollywood   Norma Aguirre Hollywood  CA
[email protected]   Alisa Cipriano Long beach  CA
[email protected]   John fouler/Melissa myer El Cajon CA
[email protected]   Cindy Harris /Laura Ramirez Sacramento  CA
[email protected]   Randall Priester San Leandro CA
[email protected]   Emanual Oshana Fresno  CA
Supercutsstudiolacanada   Robyn Sauers La Canada  CA
[email protected]   Randall Priester Tracy  CA
CLOSED     Irvine  CA
[email protected]   Marquesa Camacho Arvada  CO
[email protected]   Karen Baer Fort Collins  CO
[email protected]   Fred fox/Denise Golia Rock Hill CT
[email protected]    Jessica Williams/Jennifer Gipson  Middletown  Delaware 
[email protected]   Linda Costello Cocoa beach  Florida
[email protected]   Amy kimball West palm beach  Florida
[email protected]   Adriana Rodriguez Ft lauderdale Florida
[email protected]   Lynne Lemire  Orange park Florida 
[email protected]   Linda Costello Orlando  Florida 
[email protected]   Adriana Rodriguez Miami  Florida
[email protected]   Christine Moore/Stacey Klos Tampa  Florida
[email protected]    Kim Dafe Atlanta  Georgia 
[email protected]   Laure pruit nampa ID
[email protected]   Amanda Crothers Lenox IL
[email protected]   Unassigned  Wheaton IL
[email protected]   Unassigned  Fishers IN
[email protected]   Unassigned  Wichita KS
[email protected]   Cyndi Geiger Louisville KY
[email protected]   Cyndi Geiger Lexington  KY
[email protected]   Unassigned  Metairie LA
[email protected]   Jessica Phillips Everett MA
[email protected]   Alyssa Zobian Framingham MA
[email protected]   Beth winkler  Grand Rapids  MI
[email protected]   Beth winkler Troy MI
[email protected]   Jamie Doak O’Fallon MO
[email protected]   Yolanda Ruff Charlotte  NC
[email protected]   Unassigned  Chapel hill  NC
[email protected]   Jenny Horowitz/Erin McGuire Bloomfield  NJ
[email protected]   Anita Bullock  Westwood  NJ
[email protected]   Diane Estrada Albuquerque NM
[email protected]   Donna Field Las Vegas  NV
[email protected]     Irondequoit NY
[email protected]   Andrea Roy Liverpool  NY
[email protected]   Cathy Lynn Selden NY
[email protected]   Lauren Gaines West Seneca  NY
[email protected]   Cathy Lynn Lynbrook  NY
CLOSED     Tonawanda  NY
[email protected]   Janis Maccormack Colonie NY
[email protected]   Meleigha Massie Cincinnati  OH
[email protected]   Meleigha Massie Centerville OH
[email protected]   Shirley Gurley Tulsa OK
[email protected]   Laurie Pruitt/Liz Walsh  Milwaukie OR
[email protected]   Jen Gipson/Jessica Williams   Blue bell  PA
[email protected]   Mimi Todaro  Pittsburgh  PA
[email protected]   Puerto Rico    Puerto Rico 
[email protected]   Fred Fox/Denise Golia  Cranston  Rhode Island 
[email protected]   Karen kemp Nashville  TN
[email protected]   Karen kemp Memphis  TN
[email protected]   Pam Lopez  Knoxville TN
[email protected]   Pam Lopez Chattanooga TN
[email protected]     San Antonio  TX
[email protected]   Marie Beasley/Joyce Allen  Houston  TX
[email protected]   Melissa Lowder  Talorsville  UT
[email protected]   Jakyya Jones Newport News  VA
[email protected]   Jakyya Jones  Chesapeake/combo 18-20-34  VA
[email protected]   Rebecca Jensen/Savarrah Brooks  Bellevue  WA
[email protected]   Unassigned  Spokane  WA
[email protected]   Rebecca Jensen/savarrah Brooks Tacoma WA
[email protected]   Monica Spaulding Brookfield  WI
[email protected]     Madison WI
[email protected]   Lydia Polo Chicago IL
[email protected]   Jamie Doak  Kansas City  MO
[email protected]   Susan Giampa  Salem  NH
[email protected]   Michael McGraw/Karen Corona  Irving  TX
[email protected]   Joe Rodriquez Austin  TX
[email protected]   Amy Foreman/shirl Gurley Oklahoma City   OK
[email protected]   Jessica Swain  Tucson AZ
[email protected]   Tony Z Phoenix AZ
[email protected]   Kim Rochdi    
[email protected]   Cindy Harris /Laura Ramirez   CA
[email protected]   Cindy Harris /Laura Ramirez   CA
[email protected]     Reno  NV
[email protected]   Yvette Hardrick  Atlanta Georgia 
[email protected]     Sioux Falls  SD
[email protected]     Spokant  WA
[email protected]     Columbia  SC
[email protected]     statesville  NC
[email protected]     Medford  OR
[email protected]     Lubbock TX
[email protected]     west Falmouth  MA
[email protected]     Bakersfield  CA
[email protected]   Teo  Buensuceso  Boise/Nampa   Idaho 
[email protected]     Eugene  OR
[email protected]     Mc Allen  TX
[email protected]     Toronto  Ontario 
[email protected]   Linda Ruiz     
[email protected]     Brewer  WI
[email protected]     Rockford  IL
[email protected]     Elpaso  Texas
[email protected]     Burlington VT
[email protected]     Omaha NE
[email protected]   Christy Ortiz Corpus Christi TX
[email protected]   Sararrah Brooks  Cedar Rapids  IA
[email protected]   Krysta schreib San Clemente CA
[email protected]     Cary NC
[email protected]     Plano  TX
[email protected]   April Earley  Pearl City  HI
[email protected]      Sicklerville NJ
[email protected]   Cathy Lynn Shirley NY
[email protected]     Lincoln NE
[email protected]     Ocala  FL
[email protected]     Wings mill  MD
[email protected]     Wenatchee WA
super[email protected]     Springfield  MO
[email protected]     Canton  GA
[email protected]        OH 
[email protected]     Semmes  AL
[email protected]   Joyce Allen-Melton  Victoria  TX 
[email protected]   Ctt Tanya Kendall  London  ON 
[email protected]     Huntsville  AL 
[email protected]     Panama City  FL 
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